The philosophy of the Big Pine Indian Education Center balances academic discipline with health and wellness. All of our programs integrate fitness activities to encourage healthy living for youth and families. We design each fitness program to serve the needs of individuals, encourage personal goals, and assist with the achievement of successes. Cultural wellness is a core part of our mission, and we encourage the celebration of Native American heritage through traditional dancing for youth and adults.

The Big Pine Indian Education Center is a dedicated to building a healthier community through academic, cultural and wellness programs for Native Americans of all ages.

Students of Big Pine Unified School District and children on the Big Pine Paiute Tribe Reservation benefit from community-oriented programs and activities. This includes tutoring and guidance for grades Kindergarten through 5th every day after school. Our successful program for Junior High encourages PRIDE (Purpose Respect Integrity Discipline Education) in all their pursuits. High school programs emphasize direct work experience, enabling youth to explore various career opportunities while building job skills and celebrating academic achievements.

With funding from the State of California and Tribal TANF, the Big Pine Indian Education Center serves the needs of Big Pine’s tribal community in their pursuit of education, health and wellness.

Department Contact

  • Education Center Director:
    Anthony Pierce
  • Associate Director:
    Carrie Marquez
  • Title VI Liaison/Instructional Aide:

  • Nutritional Coordinator/Instructional Aide:
    Michele Lemus
  • Literacy Coordinator/Instructional Aide:
    Shawnee Nelson
  • Cultural Coordinator/Instructional Aide:
  • Math Coordinator/Instructional Aide:
    Bibbi Leigh
  • PRIDE Advisor/Instructional Aide:

  • Instructional Aide:
  • Office/Activity Assistant:
    Anah-kee Mason

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