Big Pine Paiute Development Corporation (BPPDC)

The BPPDC is a corporation chartered by the Big Pine Paiute Tribe of the Owens Valley as authorized by the Tribal Constitution with by-laws providing for a five-member Board of Directors currently comprising:

Virgil Dave Moose

Terry Bowers

Cheryl Levine

Micah Bacoch

Shannon Romero
Tribal Council Representative

The corporation is responsible for development of a tribal economy to achieve self sufficiency, business development, tribal employment and an improved quality of life for tribal citizens. The corporation operates within a long range economic development plan which includes strategic direction and diverse business ventures, one of which is the Big Pine Paiute Travel Plaza project. This project is currently in the architectural phase.

In August of 2010, the BPPDC acquired Mark Tillemans as General Manager who has served the Big Pine Tribe as Director of Education since September of 2007. Mr. Tillemans will fully relinquish duties of the Education Department in the month of November, and will then be able to solely concentrate on the goals of the Development Corporation.

Big Pine Paiute Development Corporation

  • Chairman:
    Virgil “Dave” Moose

  • Secretary:
    Terry Bowers
  • Treasurer:
    Cheryl Levine
  • Member-At-Large:
    Micah Bacoch
  • Tribal Council Representative:
    Shannon Romero

  • Ex-Officio Members:

  • Office: (760) 938-2800

  • Fax: (760) 938-2942

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