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The March 21, 2017, LA Board of Water and Power Commissioners meeting:

Big Pine Paiute Tribe was successful in its very public appeal to LADWP to fix the broken irrigation pipeline. With the support of Tribal Leaders, Big Pine Tribal Members, members of other Tribes, Tribal Staff and various residents of the Owens Valley, Los Angeles and elsewhere, the message to the Los Angeles Board of Water & Power Commissioners to #Fix the Pipe got through.

If you are interested in viewing the Board of Water & Power Commissioners’ meeting, please click on the link below.

Many thanks to all who spoke on behalf of the Tribe on Tuesday, March 21.2017.


On September 16, the attached letter was sent to the Los Angeles Board of Water & Power Commissioners regarding the irrigation water situation here on the Big Pine Reservation. Tribal Council is continuing to pursue resolution of this problem.

Irrigation Crisis Letter

Why Two California Indian Tribes are Growing Their Own Food, and Why It Isn't Easy

Big Pine Paiute-Shoshone tribe member Joseph Miller shows me around his town’s garden. There are two hoop houses with herbs and fresh heads of lettuce just popping out of the ground. Tomatoes are in abundance, with so many hybrid varieties that it’s hard to keep track.

“What we’re working towards is being able to not only create a sustainable food source, but to create food security,” Miller says. “We want to give our people the right to know without being in the dark and wary about where their food is coming from, or how long it’s been on a truck.”